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The Mountain school has approaches to teaching and learning that are well-tried in other parts of the world but new to India. While preserving the best in traditional Indian education and culture, we have opted for a student-centric system with ample opportunities for project work and discovery learning, guided by a well-qualified teaching faculty with generous access to quality in service training both in India and abroad. In order to ensure that every student’s talents are developed to the full.

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Building a strong sense of community in Greenville school is both important and doable. Our school uses different Community - Building Approaches, that helps us to be a family.

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Counselling thus results in free and responsible behavior on the part of the client, accompanied by more insight into themselves and an ability to understand and better manage negative emotions. Counselling entails ‘Initial Disclosure’, where the client starts opening up only after s/he develops faith and trust in the counselor. Once, the client opens up, there has to be ‘In Depth Exploration’ of the problem area and other secondary concerns regarding it. Once a new window of thought/insight is opened up, the counselor encourages the client for ‘Commitment to Action’ for long-term and concrete positive change.

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Provides Remedial classes or extra classes to academically weaker students within the school itself for no extra fees charge. Academically weak students are carefully observed and are made to follow a well devised regimen of learning pattern that helps them to overcome their weakness and join the main stream. Every Saturday, a test is conducted which monitors a child’s performance and his/her weaknesses. On the basis of the monitoring, suitable tutoring and remedial classes are conducted wherein personalized tutoring ensures mapping of the child’s academic progress. Counselling: Counselling is an interactive process characterized by a unique relationship between the counselor and the client that leads to change in the client in one or more of the following areas:

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